8-in-1 EMS 2-Channel Programs

Program 1: Strength/Firming
This program exercises targeted muscle fibers at a high power working level. It includes a warm-up and workout period. The stimulation is continuous at a subtetanic (twitch) frequency during the warm-up period. At the workout phase, the stimulation alternates between weak twitch contractions and stronger tetanic contractions.
This program is perfect for use on your abdominal muscles if you want to strengthen your core. Using this program on your quadriceps and legs will help you get toned/muscular legs.

Program 2: Endurance

The Endurance Program exercises muscle fibers at an average-medium working level, and is meant to work slow twitch muscle fibers. It is designed to increase the above average intensity of muscle strength or effort that must be maintained over a long period of time.

This program is ideal for athletes who are involved in endurance sports that require more slow-twitch muscle fibers such as long distance running, cross country skiing, soccer, etc.


Program 3: Resistance

This program works by using a combination of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers and is intended to increase muscle toning and basic strength. It aims to increase the time the muscle is able to maintain a high-power working point. Your muscles become stronger when you do resistance training. Therefore, it is recommended to use this program repeatedly throughout the week to exhaust the muscle.

Use this program in areas where you wish to develop increased muscle mass.


Program 4: TENS

The TENS active rehabilitation program is for the relief of chronic pain, muscle injury, pinched nerve and other muscle disorders. It produces muscle twitches at a very low frequency. These twitches act like a massage and can be used after your workout.


Program 5: TAMEXX® Wave Active Recovery

Most professional, amateur, and elite athletes all over the world use TAMEXX® Wave Active Recovery Program to recover quickly from injury or surgery. This program helps to mitigate and eliminate muscle disuse atrophy due to neuromuscular disease, muscle-skeletal disorder, chronic pain and other injuries – especially sports-related and auto accidents.
The TAMEXX® Recovery Wave system is fantastic for recovery from sports competition or practice. This program helps to clear lactic acid and increase blood flow at lower frequencies. It is really good for muscles that are tired after vigorous workouts.


Program 6: Russian Stimulation (Muscle Building)

Russian Stimulation was developed in order to help train world-class athletes and body builders. Russian Muscle Stimulation is very similar to EMS but with a higher frequency of 2,500HZ at 50 pulses per second. This allows for deeper, stronger, yet comfortable penetration to the muscle.

It is recommended for the experienced user of electronic muscle stimulation, and is popular among athletes, body builders, and individuals who want to gain muscle mass.


Program 7: TAMEXX® Micro-Current

Micro Current Therapy is the application of very low levels of electrical stimulation to muscles, ligaments, and joints to provide pain relief and promote tissue healing. Micro Current Therapy is the only electrical therapy whose currents can penetrate cells. All other currents such as TENS and Acupuncture pass over the cells. This program can also be used in areas that have cellulite and wrinkles such as the hamstrings, buttocks, and arms. 


Program 8: TAMEXX® Interferential Current (IFC)

IFC allows for a higher intensity and deeper penetration to the muscle at a more comfortable level. Through the use of its greater frequency, a higher HZ is used, thus increasing the depth of penetration (less skin resistance). The slightly different currents are superimposed to form what is called interference, which blocks the transmission of pain messages to the brain, resulting in much needed relief for users.

Interferential therapy is used primarily for treating muscle injuries.