Abdominal Belt Overview

  • Works your upper and lower abdominal and oblique muscles simultaneously by contracting and relaxing the muscles when used with an electronic muscle stimulator. Using the Tone-A-Matic Ab Belt with any EMS unit will help you maximize your abdominal/core workout without the hassle straining your neck and back doing sit-ups.
  • The belt can also be used without a muscle stimulator unit to increase sweat and core temperature during normal exercise.
  • It can also be worn underneath clothing throughout the day to improve posture, stability, and back support. 
  • Designed to fit around your waist comfortably and adjusts to your size and shape with adjustable Velcro.
  • Comes with 2 Extra Large Pads (please note: EMS/TENS device NOT included. Not compatible with EMS/TENS Machines that use Snap-On Wires).