Key Features

Easy To Use and Portable

    • Each function has its own individual push button, which makes the unit simple to use and eliminates any guesswork and confusion.
    • Large digital display and LED light makes it easy for you to read unit settings including: programs, timer, channel intensity, etc.
    • Machine runs on rechargeable battery, allowing you to use it in more places.
  • Comes with a free carrying case so that you can take your unit with you while you travel.

Largest Variety of Stimulation Modes

    • The only Muscle Stimulator in the world that has EMS, TENS, Russian Stimulation, Interferential IFC, Micro-Current, and TAMEXX Wave Active Recovery all in one unit!
    • 8 different pre-set programs all in the same machine
  • Sets Tone-A-Matic apart from other EMS & TENS devices