Instructions For Use

Step 1:

Attach the two fabric pads onto the velcro part of the belt

Step 2:

Position the belt in the abdominal or back area that you want to work out

Step 3:

Attach the white wire coming from the pads to the wire that goes into the machine.

Step 4:

Wet the two pads with water

Step 5:

After wetting the pads and positioning them, make sure that you adjust the belt tightly around your waist to make good contact with your skin.

Step 6:

Turn your EMS/TENS machine ON to start. Make sure that you have chosen your program or selected the parameter for your machine.

Step 7:

Slowly increase the Channel Intensity Bars / Controls that are connected to the pad wires.

Step 8:

You should feel the contraction/stimulation by now. Continue to increase to a tolerable level as you would with the self-adhesive pads or Carbon Flex electrodes.

Step 9:

After your workout, disconnect the machine from the pads until your next usage.